Frequently Asked Questions?

Sikkim GO provides a one-stop solution to both, government applications delivering public services and users accessing these services. Unlike current scenario in which, as a user you are required to authenticate multiple times, remember several usernames and passwords for different online applications, with Sikkim GO's SSO this can be achieved by having a single username and password of your choice. It also guarantees a secured communication between the user and the service.
If you are a user of any government services (Sikkim), to access different government services you need to authenticate yourself multiple times, remember logins and passwords for each of them. Through Single Sign On (SSO) facility you can access multiple e-Gov services that are integrated with Sikkim GO by logging only once to any one of these services or on Sikkim GO portal.
Using Sikkim GO is very easy. You should first register yourself on Sikkim GO through online self-registration process. You need to provide your email ID , Mobile number during registration. The given email ID or mobile number is verified by Sikkim GO through a verification link or a One Time verification code. You choose your desired login username and password during registration. Now you are ready to use services provided by Sikkim GO.
One can access all those services that are already integrated with Sikkim GO and listed on Sikkim GO portal.
No there is no browser dependency. One can access Sikkim GO from any browser. However, remember to enable the Javascript.
There is a possibility where a user may face issue in accessing the account. Sikkim GO provides appropriate error/reason if such problem is faced by the user. In case of non-resolution of the problem by the user based on the error message displayed, user can contact the helpdesk of Sikkim GO or mail to dit-sik[at]nic[dot]in.
It may happen due to network congestion. Try to login using username and password used during registration, if email verification is pending Sikkim GO resends verification email.
Yes, user account will be locked after five (5) unsuccessful attempts of login at Sikkim GO.
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